Lifecosm Avian lnfectious Bursal Disease Ab Rapid Test Kit for veterinary diagnostic test

Item Name: Avian lnfectious Bursal Disease Ab Rapid Test Kit Summary:Detection of specific Antibody of  Avian lnfectious Bursal Disease within 15 minutes Principle: One-step immunochromatographic assay Detection Targets: Avian lnfectious Bursal Disease Antibody Reading time: 10 ~ 15 minutes Storage: Room Temperature (at 2 ~ 30℃) Expiration: 24 months after manufacturing

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Avian lnfectious Bursal Disease Ab Rapid Test Kit
Summary Detection of specific Antibody of Avian lnfectious Bursal Disease within 15 minutes
Principle One-step immunochromatographic assay
Detection Targets Avian lnfectious Bursal Disease Antibody
Sample  Serum
Reading time 10~ 15 minutes
Quantity 1 box (kit) = 10 devices (Individual packing)
Contents Test kit, Buffer bottles, Disposable droppers, and Cotton swabs
   Caution Use within 10 minutes after openingUse appropriate amount of sample (0.1 ml of a dropper) Use after 15~30 minutes at RT if they are stored under cold circumstances Consider the test results as invalid after 10 minutes
Disease may appear suddenly and morbidity typically reaches 100%. In the acute form birds are prostrated, debilitated and dehydrated. They produce a watery diarrhea and may have swollen feces-stained vent. Most of the flock is recumbent and have ruffled feathers. Mortality rates vary with virulence of the strain involved, the challenge dose, previous immunity, presence of concurrent disease, as well as the flock's ability to mount an effective immune response. Immunosuppression of very young chickens, less than three weeks of age, is possibly the most important outcome and may not be clinically detectable (subclinical). In addition, infection with less virulent strains may not show overt clinical signs, but birds that have bursal atrophy with fibrotic or cystic follicles and lymphocytopenia before six weeks of age, may be susceptible to opportunistic infection and may die of infection by agents that would not usually cause disease in immunocompetent birds. Chickens infected with the disease generally have the following symptoms: pecking at other chickens, high fever, ruffled feathers, trembling and slow walking, found lying together in clumps with their heads sunken towards the ground, diarrhea, yellow and foamy stool, difficulty in excretion, reduced eating or anorexia. The mortality rate is around 20% with death within 3–4 days. Recovery for survivors takes about 7–8 days. The presence of maternal antibody (antibody passed to the chick from the mother) changes the disease's progression. Especially dangerous strains of the virus with high mortality rates were first detected in Europe; these strains have not been detected in Australia.[5]Infectious bursal disease (IBD), also known as Gumboro disease, infectious bursitis and infectious avian nephrosis, is a highly contagious disease of young chickens and turkeys caused by infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV),[1] characterized by immunosuppression and mortality generally at 3 to 6 weeks of age. The disease was first discovered in Gumboro, Delaware in 1962. It is economically important to the poultry industry worldwide due to increased susceptibility to other diseases and negative interference with effective vaccination. In recent years, very virulent strains of IBDV (vvIBDV), causing severe mortality in chicken, have emerged in Europe, Latin America, South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Infection is via the oro-fecal route, with affected bird excreting high levels of the virus for approximately 2 weeks after infection. The disease is easily spread from infected chickens to healthy chickens through food, water, and physical contact.
Product Code Product Name Pack Rapid ELISA PCR
Avian Infectious Bursal Disease
RE-P011  Avian Infectious Bursal Disease  192T  YUANDIAN
RC-P016  Avian Infectious Bursal Disease Ag Rapid Test Kit  20T  YUANDIAN
RC-P017 Avian Infectious Bursal Disease Ab Rapid Test Kit  40T  YUANDIAN
RP-P017 lnfectious Bursal virus Test Kit (RT-PCR)  50T  YUANDIAN

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